Based in the beautiful Hunter Valley, Gill has over 20 years experience in Interior & Event Styling with a passion for rich, eclectic, creative design. 

Inspired by nature Gill uses colour, texture

and layers in her design process. Gill embraces all trends and styles from Bohemian

to Classic, adding interior styling magic

to every project. 

interior styling services

Finding Your Style – Style Discovery


Sometimes you may just need help in pulling your room or style together…… you may like a variety of different things, old and new, modern and traditional, but the challenge is how to refine the look and make it yours.

Here I can help. I start by sending out a questionnaire for you to fill in. I ask that you have some visual cues for me to see that give me an insight into what you like and how we can express your personal style within your home.


Inital Meeting approx 1.5 – 2hrs 

Hrly rate: $90 +GST

Interiors ~ “Using your space” , “Layering” and “Room Styling” 


 - Spacial Planning

 - Bathroom and Kitchen Design

 - Hard and Soft finishes selection

 - Furniture and soft furnishing selection.

 - Window dressing

 - Lighting plans and selection.


For larger projects , renovations or new builds, I can help with all aspects of your design. A brief is created, a site visit is organised, together we form a scope of works for your home or project.

After the initial site visit we will discuss the scope of works and from here I will estimate the amount of hours needed for your project. 


Inital meeting approx 2hrs

Hourly rate $90 + GST 


Depending on where you are with your interior ideas, will depend on where you start your design journey with Gill. Each service is tailored to your individual needs no matter where that might be in the styling pyramid.  

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colour consulting services

Full Colour Scheme  

First I will send out a questionnaire for you to fill in, this gives me an insight into your style and design preferences. A site visit is organised for approx 3hrs where we discuss your style, what “the House” is asking for and how it sits in the landscape. From here we create a unique colour scheme for your home.


You will recive a full colour schedule for your Painters referance and A4 colour swatches of all colours selected.

Price: $350 plus GST 

Interior Colour Scheme

A site visit is organised for approx 2hrs where we discuss your style and see what “the House” is asking for. From here we create a colour scheme for the interior painting of your home.


You will receive a full colour schedule for your Painters reference and A4 colour swatches of all colours selected. 


Price: $250 + GST

Exterior Colour Scheme  

A site visit is organised for approx 1hr where we discuss you style, we see how the property sits in the environment and create a new colour scheme for the exterior of your home.


You will receive a full colour schedule for your Painters reference and A4 colour swatches of all colours selected.


Price: $150 +GST

*All of the above Colour Consulting packages are for a standard 3-4 bed home, for larger homes a cost can be organised prior to site visit.

other services

Styling for Property Sale 

Are you preparing to put your property on the market for sale? Do you need help in styling your home so it appeals to potential buyers, creating an inviting space that they can see themselves in?

I can help you in this process. With some often simple changes, styling and decluttering tips we can create the look the buyer is after.

Inital site visit – 1 - 2hrs

Hourly rate $90 +GST 



Tuckers Lane Boutique Accommodation

There had been lots of discussion in our house about wether we should or should not use an interior designer. And then we met Gill from The Colour Hunter who came up with some amazing ideas from the very beginning ... WOW does not describe how happy we are with Gills work and we are super pleased to introduce the elemental theme for each cabin. STONE, WIND WATER, FIRE AND FOREST complemented by a different timber theme to match. Full design brief to follow but these are going to be luxurious!!!

Virginia MacDougal

Gill helped give our guest accomodation new life with colours and ideas I would not have thought of.  I'm so pleased with the result and highly recommend Gill - she is a delight to work with and very gifted.

Celine Corbusier

I got Gill to help me design the colour and style of our new house. Her professionalism, great talent and bubbly personality made it a very fun experience. 

We are amazed with the way Gill put together our ideas and hers to create a harmonious, classy and warm home for our family. thank you The Colour Hunter!